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Glorious Day

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Yesterday was a glorious day!  The air was crisp in the morning, settling into a “just a T-shirt” kind of day in the afternoon, followed by a sweat shirt evening.  The precipitation stayed at bay and I was able to get out of my house and do some things that I have been putting off.  I cleaned up my yard a little, cleaned my garage that had accumulated boxes to be recycled over the winter.  Swept the garage floor and looked around at things I needed to get rid of, which is almost everything.  The stuff in my garage is mostly my father’s stuff and he has been gone now 4 years.  For awhile, I couldn’t get rid of anything, but the time has come that I need to shed the things that I don’t/can’t use and get rid of them.  Hopefully, they will make someone else happy.  Maybe this summer, I’ll rent a dumpster and get rid of everything I don’t want.  I know I’ll be throwing some valuable pieces of equipment away but if nobody has wanted them in 4 years,  they are going away!  It took me a long while to come to the realization that my father would have wanted someone to have them that would use them and appreciate them and if nobody wants them, then they are garage sale or garbage items.  More then likely garbage items because garage sales are too hard!

I’m not so far along in my attitude about my husband’s things.  He has so many pieces of stereo equipment I don’t know what to do with them.  I don’t want to just give them away because some of the pieces are very valuable; the problem is that I don’t know which pieces are valuable and which pieces are not.  I have time to take care of his many music rooms so I’m not in a hurry to get rid of his equipment or his vinyl just yet.  I have started to disassemble them after almost 2 years and put them in piles which is an odd feeling for me.  Whenever I touch his “music” it brings the burn of tears to my eyes.  He loved his music so much and since he’s been gone, I haven’t had the heart as of yet to listen to much of his music.  He has a myriad of music that he collected and downloaded over the decades.  He not only had a lot of music, he knew a lot about music as well.  When we took our children to the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” they were surprised to see that he had a lot of the vinyl that was displayed at the “Hall of Fame.”  In fact, as he was telling his children about the music and who influenced who, a crowd gathered around him and asked him question because they thought he was the tour guide.  That memory always makes me smile.

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll get rid of my father’s tools and decide what to do with my husband’s stereo equipment but until then I’ll just cherish the memories that they bring to me today.



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