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Sex Education in School

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For years and years there has been controversy on whether or not sex education should be taught in schools.  Those against teaching sex education in schools argue that it may promote sexual promiscuity;  sex is a subject best left up to the parents behind closed doors.  Those who are proponents of teaching sex education speak of empowerment with knowledge.  The controversy perpetuates but the real sexual education in schools have been hidden for perhaps longer than the controversy. 

Recently, the news has abound with allegations of sexual misconduct by educators.  People who have had positions of authority are being accused of sexually mistreating their students.  The accusations are landed years after the actual incidents because the victims feared embarrassment, humiliation, or retaliation if the acts were made public during the time of the sexual misconduct.  Even the fact that the victims didn’t tell of their abuse until they became adults have been controversial.  One side may say that the fact that they did not tell until years later proves it did not happen at all; the other side may say that peer pressure kept their victimization underground.

What has really gone underground is the conspiracy.  The conspiracy that perpetuates the myth that a school’s reputation is better than the mental and physical health of our children.  The “cover-ups” of sexual allegations closely guarded by adults in any school system is appalling.  Victimizing the alleged victims by hushing situations is nothing short of criminal. 

Currently, a local high school is being accused of covering up sexual misdeeds that spanned quite a few years.  Eleven adults and possibly a twelfth are accusing a religious educator/coach of sexually abusing them during high school; the deeds being performed mostly on massage tables and whirlpools after sports injuries.  These men, now in their mid 30’s state that “everybody” knew and did nothing to stop the situation except to transfer the educator in question to a monastery when the talk became too hot.

Whether in the classroom or behind the classroom, it seems sex education is more prevalent than is being admitted.

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