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Human Rights

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I woke up this morning thinking about Gay Rights which I like to call Human Rights, (since homosexuals are human).  I’d like to tell you a little story that happened to me a few years ago which I still like to refer to as a comic tragedy.

I ran into a person I hadn’t seen since I graduated high school 40 years ago.  We ran into each other at a convenient store so the conversation was light and easy.  We talked about an hour in that store talking about “you know who” and “I wonder what they are doing now.”  He told me he used to have a crush on me and I was flattered but then again that was 40 years ago.  He asked if I had a husband, I said yes.  He asked me if I was happily married, I told him, “Yes, I am.”  He asked me about my children and I told him what they did for a living.  I asked him about his wife and children.  He had one child and was in the midst of a divorce.  For some reason he made the comment about “That’s so gay.”  I can’t remember what he said that about but it set the hairs on the back of my neck standing straight up.  I said. “Hey, my daughter resembles that remark,” and he just let it slide.  I don’t know if he didn’t understand me or what but he didn’t say anything else about it.  I chalked it up to “ignorance” and let it slide too.  Before I went home, he asked me if I was on facebook and if I was could he “friend” me.  Seeing no harm in things, since I’m rarely on facebook anyway, I told him that would be fine.

It wasn’t long after he friended me on facebook that I was sorry I said he could.  This shy boy in high school, who had a crush on me, was now, at every turn, spouting off about the evils of “faggots” and “gays.”  He really didn’t have any reason he hated them except he said it was unnatural; a sin against God. He was against them getting married, he was against them having insurance from their partner, he was against adoption, he was literally against everything a homosexual might want in their life.

Most of the time I didn’t respond to his tirades but there were a few times I just had to “let go” and tell him how wrong he was.  I had to tell him that these “faggots” and “gays” were human beings just like we were.  Well, that set him off because he was in NO WAY like any faggot he knows.  I told him he had a limited view of homosexuals and he should use an open mind to find out what they are all about (knowing he’d find a person much like me and you.). He refused.

As time went on and he spewed more and more ugliness, I became less and less engaged with him.  He knew my views and up until this point hadn’t respected them so I just let the rough side drag and quit talking to him unless it was on something benign but that was rare.  His whole goal on facebook was to “rid social media” of gays, and I have to admit, I was a little surprised when people supported his platform.

Then came the day!  Yes, the day I still smile about!  I was on facebook and he was spewing his garbage to anyone who would listen and then he said it!  He said, “the next person I see with a gay flag come across my feed, I’m going to block them.”  Yep, I did it.  I changed my icon to a “gay heart” and posted to his feed.  I was called a homo-lover and then was blocked.  I probably would have blocked him long ago if I knew how, but I don’t so I suffered in semi-silence.  It was the perfect day.  A day where there was no vomiting of garbage from a man who is too ignorant to see.  I wonder what he would do if his daughter was gay.  Would he change his tune or end a relationship?  I’d like to think he would change his tune, but I’m not sure.

I will continue to pray for this man and hope he finds the real truth in God that he used to condemn homosexuals.  I pray that he finds a loving God, a non-judgmental God that delights in every man.

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